Juicy Juice® Teasers™, the latest innovation from the brand that millions of millennial parents grew up with and now serve to their own kids, make their way into the juice aisle this month. Families living in the Southeastern U.S. will be among the first to get to taste Juicy Juice Teasers, a blend of fruit juice and decaffeinated tea.

"The idea behind Juicy Juice Teasers is deliciously simple and at the same time break-through," said Ilene Bergenfeld of Harvest Hill Beverage Company, maker of Juicy Juice. "By blending juice and tea, we've created a lower-sugar, refreshing beverage that tastes delicious," said Bergenfeld. "Our research found that older kids are looking for more beverage variety, but most options have sugar and/or caffeine. Juicy Juice Teasers is a beverage both moms and kids will reach for in the grocery store aisle and at home."

A Kids' Twist on Tea Time

According to the Tea Association, 80% of U.S. households have tea in their kitchens, and more than 85% of tea consumed in the U.S. is chilled, much of that ready-to-drink tea. But there are few tea beverages created with kids in mind. In fact, sweet tea, popularized by tea-drinkers in the South, is typically high in sugar and caffeinated.

By contrast, Juicy Juice Teasers is made from decaffeinated and caffeine-free teas. Like all Juicy Juice beverages, Juicy Juice Teasers contains no high fructose corn syrup, no cane sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. The sweetness comes straight from the fruit. The result is a refreshing beverage that contains 50 percent less sugar than the leading juice.