The Pickle Juice Company, creators of a sports drink formula that replenishes electrolytes and relieves muscle cramps, announced the launch of its newest product, 100% Natural Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot. The shot is a clear and translucent formula with no artificial ingredients and packed with 14 times more electrolytes than the average sports drink. The launch of the shot follows the recent and successful release of the 8oz version, 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport.

“Due to the overwhelming success of our 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport and the ongoing popularity of our Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shots, the 100% Natural Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot is a logical next step in the expansion of our growing product line,” said Filip Keuppens, director of sales & marketing for The Pickle Juice Company. “We are excited to add an all-natural version of our proven Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot and continue to show our commitment to improving an athlete’s overall performance and experience.”

With key ingredients that are scientifically proven to block the neurological signal that triggers muscle cramps, the shot sets itself apart from other sports drinks on the market. In addition to being sugar and caffeine free, its small, portable size makes the shot well-suited for on-the-go endurance athletes.

Several studies have confirmed the longstanding assumption that pickle brine might be more effective than sports drinks at treating muscle cramps. One independent study from the Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science at North Dakota State University, found that athletes who drank the brine noticed the cramps were gone within 85 seconds — about 37% faster than the water drinkers and 45% faster than those who didn’t drink anything at all.

The 100% Natural Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot joins an existing line of products including the original Pickle Juice Sport, 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport, Pickle Juice Chaser and the Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot, which contains a higher concentration per volume of electrolytes. The 100% Natural Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot comes in 2.5-ounce bottles and is available for purchase online and at select retailers.