InHarvest, Inc., announces the latest innovation to join its line of premium whole grains and grain blends for foodservice: Grain Perfect™ sous vide.

Available in three varieties — Black Pearl Medley®, Ruby Wild Blend™ and Tri-Color Quinoa — Grain Perfect’s sous-vide products are 100% whole grain and boast heirloom grains. All arrive ready to eat, needing only to be slacked from frozen, then warmed via combi, convection, stovetop, steamer or microwave. (Grain Perfect is also ideal for cold applications.) Packaging allows using the exact amount required—particularly beneficial for last-minute diner requests—and returning the rest to the freezer for additional applications.

The myriad operator solutions provided by fully pasteurized Grain Perfect products include fuller and truer grain flavor and color to add pizazz to signature dishes; greater portion control; less waste (meaning greater profit); minimal prep and clean-up; assured food-safety confidence and a simplified HACCP process; and pure, clean-label ingredients to meet customers’ lifestyle and healthy-eating demands.

Packed 6/4 lb. per case, Grain Perfect arrives frozen and can be stored for ultimate quality up to one year.