McAle’s Brewing Company introduced its latest line of Hard Crafted sodas.

All McAle’s Hard Sodas come in a 24-ounce cans and 16-ounce cans available in a four-pack, and have 6% alcohol by volume.

McAle’s Hard Orange N’ Cream uses natural orange citrus and real vanilla cream for that classic sweet and tart flavor.

McAle’s Hard Root Beer is smooth-brewed using a cream soda base for a creamier and richer taste. Added spice bark and vanilla bean extract round out this complex and sweet alternative to beer.

The Hard Ginger Ale uses real ginger spice and natural lemon-lime, creating a true ginger ale with a refreshing taste. The spicy ginger and citrus lime come together in this drink to create a classic ginger ale flavor.

The Hard Cola uses natural kola nut, the fruit of a kola tree, to create that classic cola bitter-sweetness with a smooth finish.

“McAle’s Hard Crafted Sodas are unlike anything else available and we’re proud to once again pave the way for the industry and introduce our old-fashioned recipes to the world,” said Michael Michail, President and CEO of McAle’s Brewing Company. “These Hard Crafted Sodas are a welcome addition to the McAle’s Brewing Company family and further our commitment to supply cutting edge technology, style and flavor.”