Coco Tap, a coconut water beverage system company, announced that it received an organic certification for its fresh coconuts from California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), an organic certifier in North America. Coco Taps developed tapped, resealable unpasteurized water, directly from the coconut, that is certified organic.

The coconut water remains sealed in nature's packaging until the coconuts are tapped in a certified organic plant in Los Angeles. The coconuts are distributed to natural grocers by Albert's Organics, a distributor of organic produce and other food items.

"Coco Taps is disrupting the status quo for coconut water," Vince Zaldivar, chief coconut-in-charge of Coco Taps, said. "Drinking straight from a fresh tapped coco improves the taste and nutritional values, with less packaging and a smaller carbon footprint."

After breaking an expensive German knife and almost cutting off his finger while trying to open a coconut, Zaldivar created the Coco Taps Tool Kit.

"I searched around the world for a no-mess, no-stress way to open and reseal the coconut," Zaldivar said. "I couldn't find one, so I invented it."

The Coco Taps Tool Kit provides a tapper tool and reusable cap for drinking directly from the coconut and sealing it for refrigeration.

"Jimbo's…Naturally! is excited to be one of the first retailers in Southern California to offer Coco Taps," Ryan Peterson, Jimbo's produce buyer, said. "Our customers have been asking for a convenient, safe and easy way to enjoy organic young coconuts at home or on the go. Coco Taps brings us simplicity in drinking from a coconut," he added.