What do you get when you combine the indulgence of gelato with goodies like fudge or a caramel cookie swirl? Turkey Hill Dairy calls it "Gelato Swirls."

The new five-flavor line-up combines the rich and creamy texture of gelato, but with added ingredients not often seen in traditional gelato flavors.

The product line-up includes varieties like Brownie Fudge, Mint Cookie Crunch, and Raspberry Chocolate. It also includes combinations like Caramel Peanut Butter and others like Caramel Cookie, an early fan favorite that borrows inspiration from the classic Cookies 'n Cream and Turkey Hill's popular All Natural Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

"Some of the best new products are ones that combine two great things to create an even better result," said Turkey Hill President John Cox. "We did it with iced tea and lemonade, and we've done it again with Gelato Swirls."

Gelato Swirls is the newest chapter in what has already been a busy year for Turkey Hill, as the company celebrates its 85th anniversary.

Gelato Swirls is available in 32-ounce sizes at select grocers and convenience stores where Turkey Hill products are sold.