Nutrition bars for weight management and sports performance are everywhere, and the category is growing rapidly. Demand for bars with higher protein content is particularly strong -- driven by interest in reducing hunger, building muscle and managing insulin levels.

Whey protein is an excellent choice for protein bars because of its mild flavor and its high protein quality (protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS). Whey protein produces lasting satisfaction of hunger and support for muscle development. Both of these features help consumers realize their weight management goals.

Nutrition bar formulators often turn to high protein crisps to help them make their protein claims and to improve product palatability. Protein crisps provide enjoyable crunchiness; reduce the glycemic index; and support a healthy image for nutrition bars.

Whey protein crisps promote muscle development because they have a balanced amino acid profile and the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids of any protein used in high protein crisps. Emerging research suggests that higher amounts of leucine in whey protein also help to preserve lean muscle.

Zumbro River Brand offers Z-crisp® Whey Protein Crisps with 70% and 80% protein and Z-crisp® Cocoa Whey Crisps with 70% protein (U.S.Patent #6,242,033).

Benefits of Z-crisp® high protein crisps include:

• Adding an enjoyable light-textured crunch to bars.

• Reducing the occurrence of undesirable Maillard reactions because crisps have fewer reactive free sulfhydryl groups exposed than whey protein powder. Maillard reactions can occur during storage of finished bars to cause browning, aggregation of protein molecules, and degradation of nutritional quality.

• Reducing hardening of bars during storage. Powdered protein ingredients are more likely than structured crisps to undergo protein aggregation on storage.

• Enhancing production efficiency. Z-crisps® are homogeneous in size, free flowing and have good structural integrity when poured, conveyed or blended.These properties make them easy to incorporate into bar manufacturing processes.

To add a new dimension for chocolate and mocha bars, Z-crisps® 70% Cocoa Whey Crisps have now been introduced.

New Cocoa Whey crisps:

• Enhance bar texture with high protein crunchy inclusions that are also cocoa flavored.

• Achieve homogeneous chocolate color in finished bars.

• Easily incorporate additional cocoa flavor.

• Allow crisps to stand out in bar flavors like cookies and cream and chocolate chunk.

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