PowerBar® is introducing new Clean Whey Protein Bars and Clean Whey Protein Drinks to its rapidly evolving portfolio of real and energizing foods. In response to consumer requests for cleaner ingredient labels, PowerBar Clean Whey products feature no artificial sweeteners, 2g of sugar, and high quality whey protein for sustained energy, all while maintaining taste.

"Clean foods have risen in popularity over the years as consumers have become more health conscious and savvy regarding how to power their bodies both on and off the field," says Eric Zaltas, vice president of R&D at Premier Nutrition Corporation. "PowerBar Clean Whey protein bars and drinks are on trend with the movement toward removing artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors from foods and utilizing high quality proteins, like the whey protein we use in the Clean Whey product line."

The Clean Whey products arrive in the midst of a complete relaunch for the brand, as PowerBar unveils a more approachable personality. With ongoing new product launches, PowerBar is reminding all active players in the sports world that its food and beverages offer convenient, nutrient dense options.

"Earlier this year, we committed to better understanding our consumer and evolving our food and beverages to re-establish PowerBar as a brand for all athletes, including the many social sport enthusiasts who celebrate the joy and community of sport each week," says Doug Cornille, PowerBar vice president of marketing. "Our new Clean Whey product line is just another step in our journey to become more transparent and to power these communities through improved and on trend nutrition. It demonstrates our ability to listen to consumers and respond, and we are excited for the future of PowerBar."

2016 Clean Whey Products – PowerBar Reinvented:

PowerBar Clean Whey Protein Bar:
Made with 20g of whey protein and 2g of sugar, designed to help sustain energy and satiety. These bars do not contain artificial sweeteners or flavors or colors and use stevia as a no calorie sweetener. Available now in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, and White Fudge Raspberry.

PowerBar Clean Whey Protein Drink:
Made with 15g of whey protein, 0g sugar, 70 calories, and seven high quality ingredients, this protein beverage is a light, refreshing alternative to a traditional dairy-based protein shake and can be used during or after a workout, as a healthy snack or meal replacement. Available in Berry Pomegranate and Fruit Punch flavors in October 2016.