The Equitable Food Initiative (EFI), a nonprofit that brings together workers, growers and retailers in the effort to produce safer, more responsibly grown fruits and vegetables, announced that the GoodFarms brand will debut its craft blueberries, craft strawberries and organic strawberries from EFI-certified farms at Costco locations on the West Coast, Northeast and in Hawaii.

GoodFarms™, a new brand from Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce (A&W), seeks to enhance the connection between consumers and the hands that grow and harvest their produce. GoodFarms™ believes in using sustainable growing practices, farmworker empowerment and affordable access to fresh, healthy food.

Ernie Farley, partner at A&W GoodFarms, noted that EFI’s workforce development has been integral to the successful certification of the farms. “When workers participate in EFI’s leadership team training, they better understand their role in the value chain and become more engaged. That engagement benefits all of us – from the grower to the farmworker, all the way to the consumer.”

Product availability is as follows:

• Craft blueberries, which come from the first EFI-certified farm in Oxnard, California, will be stocked first by Costco locations in Hawaii.

• Craft strawberries and organic strawberries, which come from the EFI-certified farms in Watsonville, California. Costco locations in California, Arizona, Oregon, some of the Hawaiian Islands, and the Northeastern United States will be the first to stock the craft strawberries and organic strawberries, with plans to increase distribution.

“Andrew & Williamson was a real pioneer in the development of the Equitable Food Initiative. We're excited to see their commitment to their workers and to consumers reflected in their GoodFarms™ brand,” said Peter O'Driscoll, EFI executive director. “This effort to educate consumers should increase demand for produce that is responsibly grown and farmworker assured. More retail sales generate a premium so that growers can reward workers for their hard work. Together, EFI and GoodFarms™ create value for workers, growers, retailers and consumers alike.”

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