Smart Beer, a New York organic beer company, introduced its second beer to market: a bold and refreshing Organic IPA. Crafted with pure, certified organic ingredients the new beer joins the brand's Organic Golden Ale, whose crisp taste has made it a fast favorite among consumers, prompting a rapid expansion from the brand's New Paltz headquarters in the Hudson Valley, to stores and bars in all boroughs of New York City and beyond including Mets' Citi Field and Whole Foods, all in the span of a few short months. New York's first organic IPA will soon be found everywhere Smart Beer is sold.

Smart Beer's Organic IPA

Smart Beer founder Gabriel Heymann, a certified yoga instructor and former touring musician, devised the brand as a means to bridge the gap between his health-conscious, active lifestyle and his social world.

"We shouldn't have to sacrifice well-being in order to celebrate life's moments, and that's what Smart Beer is about,” said Heymann.

The brand released its first flagship brew, an Organic Golden Ale, in October and it immediately resonated with consumers looking for a craft beer made from sustainable ingredients and a brand that supports social and environmental values.

Smart Beer conjoins the values of the craft beer and the organic, non-GMO product movements that are gaining worldwide momentum, providing a high-quality, authentic beer made with pure, domestically grown ingredients. For a health-focused and socially-conscious generation, it provides a great option for balancing celebration with healthy, active lifestyles.