Glanbia Nutritionals’ EasyFlav™ clean flavor technology has eliminated the bitter and green notes from its HarvestPro™ pea protein to create the most neutral-tasting, 100% vegan protein on the market.

In independent trials at North Carolina State University, a panel of trained sensory experts found HarvestPro™ Pea Protein 83EF offered “significantly lower” bitter green pea notes than other samples.* Accordingly, officials say the product’s neutral flavor opens up new formulation possibilities in a wide range of applications.

Flavor has proved the key challenge in formulating with vegetable derived proteins, as their characteristic green notes lend a bitter taste. Glanbia’s EasyFlav technology—from the company’s “Flavor Artistry” group—delivers a uniquely clean flavor profile in a vegan protein source. By reducing dependency on flavor maskers, up to a 30% reduction in flavor use can be achieved, delivering time and cost efficiencies.

HarvestPro Pea Protein 83 contains more than 83% protein and is allergen free, gluten free, GMO free and kosher. Its neutral flavor profile with significantly fewer green pea, pyrazine, bitter and nutty notes than many pea proteins is ideal for bars, cereals, clusters, baked goods and RTM and RTD beverages. Moreover, it allows popular flavors such as chocolate and vanilla to come through cleanly in the finished product.

At Glanbia, we have long experience in unlocking the potential of naturally sourced proteins,” notes Danielle Black, product manager at Glanbia Nutritionals. “With consumers now seeking great tasting vegetarian-based protein with no off flavor, and with demand for pea protein registering the fastest growth in the category in 2014,** we believe our HarvestPro Pea Protein 83EF hits the mark.”

She continues, “It’s a high-protein vegan ingredient that eliminates the bitter notes that have often limited or restricted new product development. We anticipate our new ingredient will save both time and cost for manufacturers, while delivering great tasting protein in the types of products more consumers desire.”

Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia plc, is an innovator in the expert delivery of science-led ingredients and customized premix solutions for a broad range of industries. These include fortified foods and beverages, performance nutrition, and health and wellness.

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*Dr MaryAnne Drake Sensory Service Center, North Carolina State University, Summer 2015 ** Pea protein showed a 400% increase between 2010 and 2014 according to Innova Market Insights: Top 10 Food Trends 2015