Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation, developers of the morning after Hangover Recovery Shot and Git-R-Done-Energy, announced that the company is launching its own exclusive line of premium gourmet beef brisket beef jerky.

"This is the company moving into a new direction as a functional lifestyle company," said Matthew Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation. "We have been developing our own exclusive marinade and flavors for over a year. We believe we have created an incredible new line for the company and this will fill a need in the market and category."

The demand for dried meat has risen to such heights that it now dwarfs that of other once comparable snacks. A recent report by market research firm Euromonitor found that jerky outsells seeds, party mixes, and pita chips -- combined.

Millennials are huge consumers of jerky, but they like fresh and gourmet and the company has created just that. The exclusive brands are flavored with alcohol, which allows us to break down the meat and make it tenderer and also to help in the aging and curing process. The company is launching brands such as New Orleans Whiskey Cured Cajun Jerky, which uses southern bourbon. This is the bold taste of Bourbon & Beef Steak! New Orleans is known for some of the greatest food in the world and this jerky lives up to the tradition of the Big Easy as its gourmet and combines a taste that is southern. The company has created Sake Teriyaki, a Japanese Style that is a tender steak cut and a sweet jerky.

The company uses Japanese sake to break down the meat and make it tenderer and yet give it a gourmet flavor that is distinct. For those who like Jerky with a little bit of heat, we have created Tequila Lime Habanero Jerky. Our Tequila Lime Habanero Jerky combines the taste of old Mexico and the Southwest. This is a drier jerky but the flavor is outstanding. It's what the company likes to call the Mexican Meat Margarita.

The company also created a Black Pepper Sea Salted Vodka infused Jerky, with premium pepper and sea salt spice infused with Russian vodka. Black pepper offers a kick while the sea salt brings all the flavors together and the Russian vodka makes this a meat martini.

For beer drinkers, the company developed IPA Beer Cured Jerky. This has a malty meat backbone that is hopped with the taste of microbrew. Just the right blend of hops and spices, tender cut and a smoky flavor makes this quite a unique jerky. This is where craft beer and craft age jerky meet to create a gourmet delight of sophistication.

These are just a few examples of the company’s new jerky offerings.