Launched this week and expected to last at least four months, Wild Ginger is Revive Kombucha’s latest in the ongoing series of Open Mic taste explorations. The organic, caffeine-free kombucha features an all-ginger brew, fresh cold-pressed lime and an extra helping of cold-pressed ginger.

More people than ever are choosing fizzy, low-calorie kombucha over other beverages after being inspired by the probiotic drink’s health benefits, taste and craft brewing tradition. Wild Ginger and other brews in the Revive lineup demonstrate that kombucha is not limited to the sharp vinegar-like flavor profile that’s common to so many kombucha brands, and is still misperceived as a defining feature by some shoppers today.

Revive Kombucha is using new craft production methods that put the spotlight on taste and their premium, fresh organic ingredients. Each kombucha pairs its own unique brew with live cultures that only develop naturally with that specific brew during fermentation. True to craft brewing tradition, Revive does everything under one roof including cold-pressing raw ingredients, brewing and bottling. The team sources only organic, fresh, in-season and fair-trade ingredients directly from farmers to ensure fairness and the utmost quality. Each drink contains billions of probiotics, as well as live enzymes, B vitamins and antioxidants.