Humm Kombucha announced two new flavors: Ginger Juniper and Raspberry Hops. Designed for kombucha-lovers looking for innovative flavor pairings, the two new flavors contain 5g of sugar and only 25 calories per serving. The new flavors are available in select stores in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

The new additions capture signature flavors commonly found in the brand’s home in the Northwest with innovative pairings. For the Raspberry Hops flavor, Humm pairs raspberry’s tartness with dry hops to provide a balanced finish pulling from beloved local brews. For the Ginger Juniper flavor, Humm took one of the most popular flavors, ginger, and paired it with juniper, a lesser-known, herbal ingredient found in the High Desert in Oregon. Like Humm’s staple line, these two new flavors are authentic, live kombucha with certified USDA organic and all-natural ingredients. They are also verified non-alcoholic, organic, GMO-free, and contain 2 billion probiotics at the time of bottling.

The two new flavors are examples of the many innovations the brand has developed in 2018, including a new proprietary fermentation process to create one of the only verified non-alcoholic raw kombuchas. The new process is now featured in all of Humm’s bottles. Additionally, Humm Kombucha not only turned a seasonal favorite Hopped Grapefruit into a permanent flavor offering, but they also created a shareable 40-ounce bottle.