Wellomics creates partnerships to accelerate the development of food supplements, functional foods, beverages and personal care products. Wellomics’ proprietary formulation technologies to maximize bioavailability and pinpoint market research to ensure brand differentiation make its products unique.

“Our products combine science, technology and IT with nature to create products that impact bodies at a cellular level,” says Mark Neveu, Ph.D., Wellomics founder and former CEO of the National Foundation of Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Neveu was an honorary fellow of the Harvard School of Public Health at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where he performed research to identify several novel tumor suppressor genes (e.g. Maspin). He supervised a mechanism-based drug discovery laboratory at Pfizer that conducted research in molecular and cellular biology for both cancer and immunological diseases. He has also led studies on epigenetic molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and regulatory implications with FDA and EPA.

Dr. Neveu decided to shift away from pharmaceutical-based product development to the natural products industry and has joined other leaders to create the best quality products based on nature’s bounty because: “Nature is a far better chemist!”

“We focus on using our proprietary research to deliver three key value propositions to our product development partners: providing them with better and more innovative products, accelerating speed to market, and maximizing return-on-investment for next-generation functional food, beverage and supplement products,” says Dr. Neveu. “We live in a generation where science and technology can dramatically improve product quality, and help people live healthier, longer and more productive lives.”

At the heart of Wellomics business-to-business model is a commitment to use rigorous science with proprietary "omics" research capacities to provide the latest, cutting-edge formulations. In addition, Wellomics backs up its formulations with validation studies on products so consumers can rest assured that they are getting the desired results - that is - increasing their healthspans.

Says Dr. Neveu, “With our new team in place, we will be able to partner with key thought leaders across the global wellness industry to achieve this vision.”

Supporting Dr. Neveu’s work and vision to serve the natural products industry is a select group of senior leaders, including:

Kristine Huffman, MSW: Chief Operating Officer with over 30 years of executive leadership and consulting experience in the hospitality and wellness industry, including Canyon Ranch, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, Miraval, Palm Health and others.

Suzanne Restrepo, MA: Clinical Research Director. Medical Anthropologist /Public Health Researcher with over 15 years of experience conducting clinical research and organizing data systems for conventional and alternative healthcare modalities.

Ignacio Coviella, MD, PhD, MS: Director of WellTech Innovation with over 30 years of preclinical and clinical experience in the areas of neuronal development and regeneration and additional expertise in software development, big data, biostatistics and statistical and machine learning.

Michael Tompkins, RN: Wellness Specialist. A veteran executive in the luxury hospitality and wellness industry; former President of Miraval Resorts, former Chairman of International Spa Association and keynote speaker for international venues regarding the future of the Wellness, Spa and Hospitality Industry.

Eric Schnell: Business Development. A natural products industry expert with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations and exit strategy. Eric created both functional beverage brand Steaz as well as liquid supplement brand I AM and now leads a team of 15 dedicated partners at BeyondBrands in creating new products, launching brands and developing strategy for high business growth.

Wellomics is well positioned within the academic and commercial R&D industry with its offices located at University of New England’s School of Pharmacy and pending collaboration with Harvard Medical School and other prestigious scientific institutions.