Snack it Forward, makers of better-for-you snacks, debuted new Sunkist®trueFruit Clusters Sunkist Fruit Chips® Medley, new Sunkist® Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix™ flavors and single-serve bags.

Snack it Forward’s line of Sunkist fruit snacks, often found in the produce section, expands its line of trail mix with new product flavors. Made with premium fruits and tree nuts, Sunkist Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix offers nutritious, fruit-forward blends, never with any fillers like peanuts and raisins. The three new Trail Mixes were crafted from blends of exotic fruits that are trending with globally inspired millennials, like Guava Chili Mango, Ginger Peach, and Kiwi Cantaloupe. Additionally, Sunkist Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix will be available in new single-serve sizes that will be sold as multi-packs, perfect for grab-and-go, portion-controlled snacking. Single-serve flavors available include: Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry Banana and Breakfast Espresso & Granola.

“Snack It Forward’s collaboration with Sunkist has allowed us to drive innovative, fresh ideas and set a standard in the fruit snacking industry,” said Nick Desai, CEO of Snack It Forward. “So many of the fruit snacks on the market today are made from gelatin and lots of added sugar. We are able to expand our footprint with our retailer partners because we are giving consumers what they want- fruit snacks made from real fruit. With the innovative new products we are launching at the PMA Fresh Summit, we truly believe that we are reinventing the fruit snack.”

Snack it Forward’s new Sunkist Fruit Chips Medley feature a blend of premium seasonal fruits, picked at peak ripeness. Made with real fruit, never fried or baked, the new Sunkist Fruit Chips Medley are the closest thing to fresh with a longer shelf life. New flavors include Banana-Mango-Pineapple, Blueberries-Strawberries-Cherries, Blueberries-Pineapple, and Strawberries-Mango.

Later this year, Snack it Forward will also introduce new Sunkist trueFruit Clusters, featuring a blend of three premium fruits with no added sugars. Each bag of these crunchy, bite-sized clusters contain five servings of your daily fruit needs, making better-for-you, premium fruit products even more accessible. The new cluster flavors include: Blueberry Crunch, Pineapple Crunch, Mango Crunch, and Strawberry Crunch.