More natural, healthier and more extraordinary in taste. This best describes the innovation concepts Doehler presented at this year’s BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany.

Naturalness is still one of the key market drivers in the food and beverage industries. But consumer demands go a step further. Along with using “untreated” ingredients to the greatest extent possible, consumers are also looking for an authentic and pure taste as well as products whose production methods are also compelling: just “like homemade.” At the same time, there are increasing demands that foods must provide a healthy nutritional value, and thus support a contemporary and individual lifestyle.

These topics, and many more, were reflected in more than 100 product innovations presented at Doehler’s trade fair booth. For all beverage categories—whether water plus, carbonated soft drinks, juices, nectars or smoothies, beer mixes and ciders–Doehler presented the next generation of innovative beverages in line with the latest trends and consumer interests.

All these innovations are based on Doehler’s comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients consisting of natural flavors, natural colors, health and nutrition ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy and dairy-free ingredients, specialty ingredients, dry ingredients, fruit and vegetable ingredients and ingredient systems.

Crafted – As Delicious as Homemade!
When authenticity meets up with premium, natural ingredients: this is when “crafted” products are made whose production methods seem almost “homemade.”

The “crafted trend” has its roots in the American brewing industry; whose success has not only transcended all national borders but also made its way into all beverage categories. “Crafted beer” is far more than just a special type of beer. Rather, it is an attitude involving its brewers who want to separate themselves from the “mainstream” taste by creating unusual and custom-made beers.

At the BrauBeviale 2016, Doehler presented tailored solutions to the brewing industry that focus on producing trendy beers. These solutions include, among other things, cereal ingredients such as sour wort and wort concentrates – including gluten-free varieties – which allow producing premium beers and beer specialties with distinct and authentic taste profiles. Along with its ingredient solutions, Doehler presented completely new product concepts for the brewing and non-alcoholic beverage industry, such as extraordinary “double brew” beer mixes or high-quality “crafted” colas and lemonades. Beverages obtain their pure taste through recipes that are reminiscent of “traditionally homemade” production and by the use of especially selected spices and premium fruit juices.

Organic: Greater Variety, New Taste Experiences
Today, organic is far more than just a seal of quality. It’s a way of life which has long since emerged from its former niche existence. The organic movement is booming; the younger generation in particular choose products coming from organic cultivation, and which fit their “healthier” and “sustainable” lifestyles. At the same time, consumers are looking for a greater variety of organic products on the store shelves – products beyond the typical cloudy apple splashes etc.

Doehler presented products at BrauBeviale that provide a breath of fresh and innovative air to organic products. For example, how about a juice made from “organic superfruit,” an “organic herb soda” or delicious still juice beverages for children—and all with high-quality organic ingredients? In Nuremberg, Doehler also presented its comprehensive portfolio of organic fruit and vegetable ingredients, which can be used for many other creative beverage compositions. The ingredient spectrum from organic cultivation and production includes NFC juices, juice concentrates and purees (made from traditional as well as exotic fruits) that allow creating new taste experiences for organic products.

Pure taste–Just Like Nature!
Naturalness and health can only win over consumers when the taste of a product is satisfying! Consumers are not only looking for new and extraordinary taste experiences, but also for authentic and pure and unadulterated taste. This is why NFC juices are more successful than ever before.

Doehler presented innovative product concepts with premium-quality NFC ingredients at BrauBeviale: juices, nectars, smoothies and fruit splashes that not only impress thanks to an outstanding, naturally fresh taste, but also provide inspiration for healthy and trendy product positionings.

Citrus fruits are considered the “evergreens” among the flavors. But, here too, there are growing demands for even more authentic taste sensations. At BrauBeviale 2016, Doehler demonstrated its competence when it comes to citrus extracts and flavors. The freshness and quality of the fruits, and state-of-the-art technologies, are the key factors in producing the Doehler extracts and in developing an absolutely natural taste profile.

That is why Doehler goes straight to the world’s most important citrus-growing regions and captures the full and most natural taste of citrus fruits. The specialist for citrus ingredients presented a wide spectrum of FTNF flavors, water phases, oils, extracts, fractions and isolates at its stand. The Doehler stand also provided the opportunity to taste application-specific flavor solutions. Examples included beer mixes, innovative lemonades or refreshing water-plus-beverages.

New Taste Experiences
Doehler also presented inspiration for completely new taste experiences, which are based on innovative beverage concepts including a new generation of ciders; coffee beverages containing the trend ingredient “coffee cherry;” and beer mixes, which represent a successful fusion of beer and popular spirits.

Doehler is able to provide innovative taste experiences from a single source thanks to this integrated solution approach—from product ideation to tailored ingredients. With that, Doehler presented its comprehensive range of natural ingredients for special flavors at the BrauBeviale trade fair. This includes natural flavors, fruit and vegetable ingredients (in many exotic varieties) and brewed coffee bases as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic ferments for absolutely new taste experiences.

Low Sugar–Excellent Taste!
Consumers around the world are increasingly regarding sugar consumption as unhealthy. Even governments are initiating measures, such as raising a penalty tax on sugar, in an effort to significantly reduce the use of sugar in foods.

At BrauBeviale, Doehler presented tailored sweetening systems and innovative beverage concepts that satisfy the various requirements in different markets, but also can be used in a variety of different applications. Thus, the beverage concepts presented at BrauBeviale range from fruity nectars with fermented juice content to premium reduced-sugar lemonades, reduced-calorie fruit and vegetable juices.

Doehler also showcased its new range of MultiSense® flavors in addition to numerous sweetening solutions that allow reducing sugar by up to 100%. And depending on the flavor, the MultiSense® Flavors range can be used to achieve a significant sugar reduction without having to use sweeteners, or to improve the aftertaste and mouthfeel of reduced-sugar products. In reduced-sugar soft drinks such as carbonated soft drinks and still drinks in particular, the MultiSense® Flavors create an especially balanced overall multi-sensory impression. In addition, Doehler introduces MultiSense® Mouthfeel for non-alcoholic beers, which gives them a fuller mouthfeel.

About Doehler:
Doehler ( is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Doehler’s integrated approach and the broad product portfolio are the optimal basis for innovative and safe food & beverage applications. The extensive product portfolio of natural ingredients ranges from natural flavours, natural colours, health & nutrition ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy and dairy-free ingredients, speciality ingredients, dry ingredients and fruit & vegetable ingredients to ingredient systems.

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Doehler is active in over 130 countries and has 30 production sites, as well as sales offices and application centres on every continent. More than 5,000 dedicated employees provide our customers with fully integrated food & beverage solutions from concept to realisation.

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