ADM/Matsutani LLC has added new Fibersol®-DLQ to the Fibersol® range of premier soluble vegetable fibers.

Fibersol-DLQ is a corn syrup solid version of soluble corn fiber and offers approximately 75% soluble dietary fiber on a dry solids basis. The addition of Fibersol-DLQ rounds out the Fibersol portfolio, which offers several different levels of fiber content—in both powder and liquid forms—to meet today’s product development challenges.

“Fibersol-DLQ has been created in response to our customers’ needs. Fibersol-DLQ—like its liquid counterpart Fibersol-LQ—has been specifically designed for customers who want their products to make a fiber claim, but do not require a higher percentage of fiber,” says George Perujo, general manager, ADM/Matsutani LLC. “This new product, still substantiated by the extensive bulk of scientific evidence that supports Fibersol, helps round out our product line. We will continue to gauge customer needs and expand our Fibersol portfolio according to those needs.”

Hisae Honzawa, business manager-Fibersol Products, Matsutani America, adds, “ADM/Matsutani has a wide range of water soluble dietary fiber products to meet the varying challenges of today's rapidly changing regulatory environment and product development objectives, including challenges related to formulating in highly cost competitive marketplaces with differing ROI demands. 

“Fibersol-DLQ is the newest addition to the Fibersol ingredient tool box. Fibersol-DLQ is simply the dry version of our always popular Fibersol-LQ liquid, just as easy to use in a more convenient format—another example of how ADM/Matsutani offers many of the ingredient tools necessary to allow formulators the ability to conquer the challenges they face."

Fibersol-DLQ provides the same formulation advantages as the entire line of Fibersol products, including acid-, heat- and process-stability. Slighty sweet, flavorless and with neutral aromatics, Fibersol-DLQ can be used in a variety of foods such as beverages, nutritional bars, fiber supplements and enrichments, baked goods, snacks, breakfast cereals, dairy foods, dips, sauces, confections and dry mixes.

Fibersol, the premier line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients, is a corn-based soluble fiber that offers solutions to many of today’s formulation challenges. Whether formulators are seeking ways to reduce sugar and calories, meet clean label goals, create products that help promote digestive tract health or use a well tolerated fiber to boost the fiber content of a food or beverage, Fibersol has a solution. 

Fibersol also offers multiple label choices, allowing formulators to choose the best option for desired product positioning. The Fibersol line of products benefits from strong technical and scientific expertise and is backed by attentive, reliable service and supply. 

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The joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company, Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and Matsutani America, Inc., which officially formed May 1, 2006, supports the worldwide sales and marketing of Fibersol, a full line of soluble dietary fiber food ingredients that are used in a variety of food and beverage applications as well as dietary supplements. This unique collaboration results in an integrated, competitive food ingredient company whose core strength is working as a development partner with innovative food manufacturers.

Invented by Japan’s Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Fibersol-2 soluble dietary fiber has been primarily produced at ADM’s Clinton, Iowa, facility since 1999. Additional products including Fibersol-2L, Fibersol-2 AG, and Fibersol-LQ have since been added to the product line. 

The joint venture is a global selling and marketing partnership combining strong technical and scientific expertise with a vast global production and transportation network, resulting in a quality food ingredient that is backed by attentive, reliable service and supply.

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