ADM/Matsutani LLC used the 2017 Institute of Food Technologists Expo (IFT17) to showcase its Fibersol® line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients. Fibersol ingredients help product developers create new and improved food and beverage products while they increase fiber content, reduce sugar and/or calories, meet a variety of label claims—and more. 

“We developed two prototypes for IFT17 that showcase ways Fibersol can help product developers create new or improved food and beverages,” says Doris Dougherty, Fibersol technical service representative, ADM. “We served a chocolate-mint flavored soft-serve ice cream that utilizes Fibersol in a no-sugar-added product. We also sampled a spiced cold brew coffee, one of the latest beverage trends. This delicious version delivers an excellent source of fiber in combination with 10g of protein per serving.”

“Fibersol has little to no impact on taste or texture, making it an ideal drop-in solution for formulators,” says Dougherty. “Because Fibersol is well tolerated, it can be used to add even more fiber to food and beverage products to help fill the fiber gap with less concern for digestive issues.”

“Within the last year, ADM/Matsutani has added several new products to the Fibersol suite of ingredients to ensure that we can partner with formulators to develop customized solutions that meet the unique needs of their consumers,” said Hisae Honzawa, Business Manager–Fibersol Products, Matsutani America. 

Soft-Serve Dessert

Discover how easy it is to offer a delicious ice cream with the reduced calories that consumers expect when they purchase a no-sugar added-product. This chocolate-mint soft-serve product delivered 10g of well-tolerated fiber per serving, and that added benefit is like a well-kept secret because the great taste and texture does not give it away. 

This is all done with a clean label ingredient, soluble corn fiber. With only naturally occurring sugars coming from either cocoa powder or the dairy components, Fibersol brings the right balance in freezing point depression to maximize shelf stability and creamy texture. 

Cold Brew Coffee

Most consumers are aware they are not getting enough fiber in their diets and are looking for ways to add it without spending a lot of time thinking about how to make that happen. This spiced cold brew coffee—with rich color, body and flavor—provided 6g of fiber per serving and easily slips into one’s day as a nice snack or treat. Often formulators want to combine fiber and protein to bring more nutrition to their offerings, and this is an example of how to accomplish that goal in a great tasting product.

Fibersol, the premier line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients, is a corn-based soluble fiber that offers solutions to many of today’s formulation challenges. Whether formulators are seeking ways to reduce sugar and calories, meet clean label goals, create products that help promote digestive tract health or use a well-tolerated fiber to boost the fiber content of a food or beverage, Fibersol has a solution. 

Fibersol also offers multiple label choices, allowing formulators to choose the best option for desired product positioning. The Fibersol line of products benefits from strong technical and scientific expertise and is backed by attentive, reliable service and supply. 

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The joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company, Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and Matsutani America, Inc., which officially formed May 1, 2006, supports the global sales and marketing of Fibersol, a full line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients that are used in a variety of food, beverage and dietary supplement applications. 

Invented by Japan’s Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Fibersol-2 soluble dietary fiber has been primarily produced at ADM’s Clinton, Iowa, facility since 1999. Additional products include Fibersol-2AG, Fibersol-LQ, Fibersol-2L, Fibersol-SF, Fibersol-DLQ and non-GMO Fibersol offerings.

The joint venture is a global selling and marketing partnership combining strong technical and scientific expertise with a vast global production and transportation network, resulting in a quality food ingredient that is backed by attentive, reliable service and supply.

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