A variety of concerns weigh on modern consumers, among them are the availability of healthy foods and the impact food has on health and well-being. In this environment, consumers have demanded greater transparency from food companies. It can be inferred that food companies that recognize and support these consumer priorities can achieve long-term consumer loyalty and brand value.

Bill Harrison, Head of Consumer Investment Banking at Headwaters MB, commented, “Today’s food industry is in the midst of an extraordinary revolution that is as disruptive as it is dynamic. As outlooks and lifestyles veer further away from questionable diets and unrealistic weightloss fads, consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of transparency and the food choices they and their families are making.”

In a Winter 2017 report, The Rise of a New Food Industry Mandate: Trust, Truth and Transparency, Headwaters MB is an independent, middle-market investment banking firm, explains the cumulative effect consumer demand for greater transparency, better-for-you ingredients and global citizenry is having on the food industry and its constituents. The report also discusses:

• Emerging food industry trends having the strongest impact on consumers, investors and the business community

• Real life success stories of brands whose marketing and messaging are introducing new standards of transparency, trust and consumer engagement

•  Consumer product concerns and the influence they are having on today's healthier-food sector

• The declining market share of Big Food brands and the acceleration in acquisitions of smaller companies creating opportunities for new brands

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