Artisanal gourmet ghee brand Fourth & Heart, partnered with snack company LesserEvil to craft a ghee popcorn snack. The new product Oh My Ghee, is an organic, butter flavored popcorn that will showcase Fourth & Heart’s premium grass fed ghee for flavor. Oh My Ghee brings together a pure and simple ingredient line-up of organic popcorn, Himalayan Pink Salt and savory Fourth & Heart original recipe ghee to boost the flavor factor and pump up the nutritional profile. Fourth & Heart sources it exceptional ghee from grass fed, pasture-raised cows in New Zealand making it a nutritional powerhouse. Loaded with vitamin A, D, E, K and butyric acid, Fourth & Heart’s ghee turns the popcorn morsels into a nourishing snack. LesserEvil takes care in heating the ghee at a low temperature while applying it to the popcorn, ensuring consumers receive the full health benefits of ghee. Oh My Ghee popcorn is a great source of fiber as well as Kosher, USDA Organic and Non GMO project certified. Oh My Ghee is the latest addition to LesserEvil’s popular Buddah Bowl line. “We are ecstatic to collaborate with LesserEvil as their ghee of choice for the launch of Oh My Ghee popcorn,” states Fourth & Heart founder and CEO Raquel Gunsagar. “Fourth & Heart’s ethos and dedication to bringing only the highest quality food goods to consumers, perfectly align with those of LesserEvil. It brings us great joy to see our ghee help reinvent the classic popcorn snack as brought to life by Oh My Ghee.” “We are committed to quality and innovation,” says Charles Coristine, CEO of LesserEvil Healthy Brands. “We searched out the best ghee on the planet and found a new friend and partner in Fourth & Heart right here in the United States. They are another family owned company with a commitment to amazing products.” Oh My Ghee Popcorn will be available in all Wegmans locations as of February 1st, 2017. Each 5.0-ounce bag will retail for $3.99. Oh My Ghee will launch nationwide through UNFI and other select distributors in March 2017.