TerraVia and Bon Appétit Management Company, an environmentally and socially responsible company, announced that Bon Appétit has adopted Thrive® Culinary Algae Oil as its preferred oil, chosen for its unique combination of nutrition, culinary and sustainability benefits that align with the company’s kitchen principles. Bon Appétit Management Company operates more than 650 cafés in 33 states for corporations, universities, and specialty venues, including Google, University of Pennsylvania, and the Getty Center.
Thrive® Algae Oil is available as a premium cooking oil in grocery stores and online through Amazon. The retail oil contains 75% less saturated fat and 25% more monounsaturated fat than olive oil. The foodservice offering has been expanded to meet the demanding needs of today’s chefs, including a canola blend for high volume uses such as deep frying, created to deliver benefits in sustainability and nutrition while hitting the right economics for high volume outlets.