Thrive Algae Oil launched this month as a culinary oil made from algae, a food source that has wellness and sustainability benefits. Using algae, the makers of Thrive™ Algae Oil hope to advance everyday nutrition at home, help people to live longer, better lives, and help sustain the planet.

Some fast facts about Thrive™ Culinary Algae Oil:

  • It’s composed of over 90% of the good fats--monounsaturated fats, and other oils has a lower percentage of saturated fat (75% less saturated fat than olive oil)
  • Its light, neutral taste lets the natural flavor of your food shine through
  • Its exceptionally high smoke point makes it great for healthy high-heat cooking—versatile for frying, baking, broiling, sautéing healthfully
  • It’s a better choice for the planet, with100% recyclable packaging and a superior land-use footprint among consumer cooking oils