MALK is an alternative to dairy, which is dairy free and its new labels clearly show this. MALK Organics is 100% organic, cold pressed in house and made with no carrageenan.

Starting with founder August Vega creating the original Almond MALK out of necessity. Vega said, “This is part of the reason our name exists, MALK is for Milk Alternative. We wanted people to understand that we were offering an alternative to milk, especially for people like me and my son who cannot tolerate cow's milk.”

The company set itself apart from the pack straight from the beginning, from the manufacturing process to the ingredient list, so making this change was a natural transition. “Even though no regulation has been passed and we are not required to remove the word ‘milk’, we, as leaders of the organic, nut milk movement, felt it was important to clear confusion and separate ourselves from the bunch,” said Vega. “Consumers have made a shift and the non-dairy industry is responding.”

Based on simplicity, MALK uses six simple ingredients or less, which are all organic and pronounceable. The SKU line-up includes Unsweetened Almond, Unsweetened Cashew, Vanilla Almond, Maple Pecan and Cold Brew Coffee with Pecan MALK.