Award-winning snack brand Mrs. Freshley's has developed an inventive new product enabling cake lovers everywhere to have its cake and crunch it too. Mrs. Freshley's brand new Cake Crisps pack a crunch with cake flavor, guaranteed to satisfy sweet tooths. These new treats, now available nationwide, achieve the ideal balance of crunchy and sweet, making Mrs. Freshley's Cake Crisps a grab-and-go snack to make life sweeter.

Cake Crisps were inspired by the growing popularity of snacks that are sweet, satisfying, shareable and unique. Mrs. Freshley's is offering these thin, crunchy, sweet chips in vanilla and chocolate varieties, and in bags that make them easy to munch and share. The bags are sold individually or in multipacks of six bags per box. Like all Mrs. Freshley's products, Cake Crisps deliver on taste and quality.