Goya Foods launched its 'Better for You' product line, categorizing its current product portfolio in addition to new Goya products.  The line features over 300 products with over 40 variations of low sodium and organic beans, organic olive oil, organic rice, brown rice, quinoa, chia, amaranth, frozen vegetables, fruits, coconut water, diet beverages, and low sodium condiments. 

In 2012, Goya collaborated with the USDA and First Lady Michelle Obama to promote the MyPlate/ MiPlato campaign among Hispanic and general market consumers as well as with Mayor Bloomberg's Low Salt initiative. 

Both campaigns have provided Goya the opportunity to expand and market its product portfolio as well as provide the necessary tools and education to meet the health needs of consumers.  Goya has produced and distributed over 1 billion products marked with the MyPlate/ MiPlato logo and created more than 250,000 copies of two editions of the MyPlate/ MiPlato cookbook, brochures, posters and lesson plans that have been distributed to consumers, supermarkets, schools, and events nationwide.  

In addition, Goya has reached millions by integrating healthy eating into its overall communications campaigns and continue to focus on the health and wellbeing of their consumers.