Over the last 75 years, M&M'S® has become known for making treats like peanuts and pretzels more fun. The iconic brand recently introduced its biggest product innovation ever: M&M'S® Caramel Chocolate Candies. Long gone are the days of the square-shaped, square-wrapped caramel candies –  M&M'S® has updated one of the most popular flavors by covering soft caramel in a candy coated shell.

Caramel has been "square" for far too long and M&M'S is ready to change it up by giving the familiar flavor a modern and fun chocolate makeover. With the launch of its newest flavor – M&M'S Caramel – the brand will not only "unsquare" caramel, but it will also introduce a new caramel sidekick to join the M&M'S® spokescandies cast, host an experiential event in the heart of New York City and unveil a national advertising campaign.

"Caramel is such a nostalgic and comforting flavor and its popularity is on the rise with pairings like coffees and other specialty foods. We are delighted to now give our fans a chance to experience it through the fun and colorful world of M&M'S," says Tanya Berman, Brand Director, M&M'S Brand. "It took years to develop the technology and machines required to get the delicious soft caramel ingredient into our signature hard candy shell. And, we think it was worth the wait!"