Fernhill Beverage, Inc. re-designed its private label version of the kid's drink Roadkill.

The new look was approved by a major national convenience store chain. Through a collaborative effort between the management of Fernhill Beverage and the buying directors of the retailer, a dynamic and attractive design was agreed upon. The new look is bright, colorful, fun and is what the retailer considers "Family Friendly." The product will be called RK Super. RK Super will be sold in the same attractive bottle as Roadkill. It will also feature the same great flavors as Roadkill. The label, however, will be quite different. RK Super will feature young cartoon characters in "Super Hero" action poses. The characters will be color coordinated to the flavor they represent. The flavors will be "Go Get'em Grape," "Fly'n Fruit Punch," "Rocket Raspberry" and "Awesome Apple."

Once the labels have been produced, Fernhill Beverage will be scheduling production in Southern California. At that time, Fernhill Beverage will be coordinating delivery of the new look product with its distribution network. Once this is scheduled and finalized, the retailer will formally issue the first of many purchase orders for the product. Both the retailer and Fernhill have verbally agreed on an initial purchase order of eight containers consisting of a total of 11,500 cases generating $120,960.00 in revenue over 6 weeks. The company is expecting to complete this process in the next 30 days positioning itself perfectly for the upcoming summer season. Fernhill Beverage will be releasing the name and the locations of the retailer once a formal purchase order has been fulfilled.