New Jersey-based Red Oak Foods, LLC launched its sprayable liquid herb extracts and additive-free IQF fresh frozen herbs, giving food manufacturers a new way to meet consumer demands for natural food with cleaner, clearer labels. The organic and non-GMO products are ready to use, shelf-stable and offer intense, pure flavors that taste extraordinarily fresh. 
The Simply Beyond® herb ranges provide a simplified, year-round supply of transparent ingredients.
• The clear liquid Spray-On Herbs® contain only Non-GMO ingredients, and impart strong herb aromas, without any visible specks, and reduce the need for excessive salt or flavor enhancers in recipe formulations.
• The Fresh Frozen Herbs are additive-free, without even the oil or water used in other brands. The herbs are conveniently sorted and destemmed, triple-washed, spun-dried, IQF frozen, and ready to use in a broad range of applications.
Simply Beyond® Spray-On Herbs® and Fresh Frozen Herbs allow food manufacturers to replace traditional undesirable compounds with pure, natural flavors. All Simply Beyond® herb products adhere to strict quality control processes in accordance with US industry and governmental standards, and are processed in certified facilities to meet all food product certification requirements.