Tessemae's has developed a full line of organic condiments to be merchandised in the produce department alongside the current salad dressing line up. The portfolio includes buffalo sauces, mayonnaise, mustards, BBQ sauce and ketchup. The organic Ketchup and organic BBQ sauce are vegan and contain zero added sugars – a differentiator in an otherwise saturated market. These products are championed by diabetics, the paleo community and the Whole30 community. 

Tessemae's will be launching their condiment line in multiple Kroger divisions this month.  Ketchup, BBQ, and Mayo will be available to consumers next to the current dressing line in the refrigerated produce section. Target and Meijer will continue to carry Tessemae's condiments and the Company has an aggressive roll-out plan with other key retail partners for the balance of the year.

Greg Vetter, CEO of Tessemae's says, "The millennial mom is dictating a majority of the food trend changes today that will continue over the next decade. She wants a clean tasting option for her family and that ranges from organic produce all the way to fresh condiments. You shouldn't have to compromise on ketchup for your kids just because 'it's always been done this way'. Our condiments change the way you view what's good for you."

Tessemae's continues to field demand for its organic Mayo - one of very few options widely available on shelves that is sugar free. The spread is made with high quality ingredients including cage-free eggs, fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and sea salt. Organic mayo follows organic ketchup and BBQ as the third best seller on Tessemaes.com. 

"Our Mayo is made just as it should be, using the same real ingredients you'd use to make it at home. Alternate and vegan mayos have been getting a lot of attention lately, and our mayo deserves to share the spotlight. It is the first truly clean label refrigerated mayonnaise: free of gums, sugar and unnecessary preservatives. The result? It's also the best tasting mayo on the market," says EVP of R&D for Tessemae's, Kristen Dittami.
While Tessemae's is on the fast track for tremendous growth this year, they stand by their original mission: to simplify food and amplify life. They will not be changing formulas or adding ingredients that don't belong for the sake of cutting costs or pleasing investors.

"The condiment category in the US is now over $6 billion dollars in sales but has not experienced the growth that we think it can because there has been no real innovation. We are here to disrupt that with true, clean label offerings that have a very unique flavor profile which consumers love," says Vetter.