Indeed Brewing Company has released its latest offering – Lucy Session Sour Ale, which is brewed with lemongrass, orange peel and passion fruit. The packaging and identity system was created by design experience firm Duffy (, who has been creating solutions for the brand since 2015.

Indeed came to Duffy asking for help in creating a master brand language and structure around their already popular, successful craft beer portfolio. Indeed's beer can designs were iconic, artful and creative. They had a loyal following. People loved the unique art found on each product but what was getting lost was WHO was bringing the consumer each of these beers. The individual offerings were celebrated at the expense of the master brand.

Excited to work with the talented illustrator Chuck U, Duffy created a brand language and a system for organizing content on the cans, bottles and packs. This system still highlights the uniqueness of each brew while also giving credit to the master brand bringing them each to ale-loving consumers, Indeed Brewing Company.