Within two years, Tommy’s Superfoods, a flash-frozen seasoned vegetable company, has expanded coast to coast in national, regional and local retailers.
Family Farm Fresh. Tommy’s Superfoods works with family farmers who are experts at flash freezing vegetables in the fields at the peak of freshness to maximize flavor and nutrition.
The brand is reducing food waste due to the fact that Tommy’s Superfoods can stay frozen for up to two years versus the shorter life span of fresh produce. Tommy’s Superfoods has low-sodium seasonings for those who want vegetables to taste garden fresh, not like the artificial flavors of other brands.
The growth is also attributed to new retailer partnerships and increased expansion at retailers nationally, including Kroger and Safeway.
Tommy’s Superfoods flash frozen vegetable blends are fresher than fresh, come seasoned and are available at an attainable price from a retailer they are already frequenting. Tommy’s Superfoods increased distribution is an answer to the consumer demand for convenience, health and creativity during mealtime.