Wholly Wholesome, a maker of all natural and organic baked goods, announced that its Gluten Free Pizza Dough and Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shells have undergone the process for non-GMO verification. Now with The Non-GMO Project Verification, both consciously made products will deliver consumers a heightened level of care and quality. 
Both the Gluten Free Pizza Dough and Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shells enlist a technical process that gives the seal its credibility. Paired with Wholly Wholesome’s commitment to using organic ingredients, The Non-GMO Project Verified seal is a highly meaningful way for consumers looking to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and to do so with confidence. Wholly Wholesome is proud to bring the verification’s weight to two of its Wholly Gluten Free offerings, both of which are also free from eight of the most common allergens and made in a dedicated allergy-friendly facility.

The Non-GMO Project believes everyone has a right to know what is in his or her food and deserves access to non-GMO choices, a mission that simultaneously aligns with Wholly Wholesome’s values. From bakery treats to pie crusts to fully prepared cakes, Wholly Wholesome is known for producing quality goods that are easy to prepare and cater to a dairy free or vegan diet so that consumers may bring home superior food that has the benefits of natural ingredients.