In 2016 Americans ate 14.9 pounds of seafood per capita, while a slight over all dip from 2015, the latest numbers actually highlight a significantly positive trend in consumption.

“If you look at 2013 (14.5 lbs.), 2014 (14.6 lbs.), put 2015 (15.5 lbs.) with its unusually large salmon harvest in perspective and now look at 2016 (14.9 lbs.) the trend is clear and convincing. Americans are eating more seafood,” said Rima Kleiner, MS, RD, registered dietitian at NFI and Dish on Fish blogger. “The public health community looks for trends to chart and forecast dietary impacts and as trends go this is a positive one.”


4.10 pounds

2.18 pounds

Canned Tuna
2.10 pounds

1.18 pounds

Alaska Pollock
0.96 pounds

0.89 pounds

0.66 pounds

0.54 pounds

0.51 pounds

0.34 pounds

Per Capita Consumption

14.9 pounds

The dip in salmon consumption is characteristic of cyclical harvest numbers and not a reflection of preferences. All species maintained the same spot in the rankings in comparison to the year before with shrimp retaining the top spot.

Kleiner notes that a growth in seafood consumption broadly should be encouraging for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Experts recommend those groups increase their intake because it is vital to baby brain and eye development.

Source: National Fisheries Institute