Freschetta announced the re-launch of the brand in 2018 to delight consumers and bring more personality to the brand. The brand re-launch will start with introducing all new packaging designs in late 2017. The new Kitchen Fresh Pizza packaging will be seen across the entire Freschetta product line which includes Naturally Rising, Brick Oven, Gluten Free and Whole Grain Crusts. Freschetta’s new packaging was shot by using a unique, one shot approach style, in which all of the ingredients and packaging elements are shot together creating an authentic feel. The clean look of the packaging and the call out of the fresh ingredients aims to set Freschetta apart from the competition on the frozen pizza shelf.
Before making this change, the Freschetta brand team completed extensive consumer research and consumers have said the new packaging communicates things such as, ”Authentic” and “Fresh, Modern, Simple, Visible Ingredients.”