Corbion has developed three levels of scientific tools to assist food scientists develop the right beverage formulations—and save time while doing so.

Corbion® ELECSIS

Predicts a formulations pH, titratible acidity, osmolality, water activity and ingredient interaction, in one set of many scientific (physical chemistry) calculations. Corbion ELECSIS is available selectively and is password protected.

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Corbion® ELECSIS Wizards

Performs one of the Corbion ELECSIS calculations per Wizard, based on the same scientific calculations. These ELECSIS Wizards are available to a wider range of selected beverage companies and are password protected.

Corbion® Calculators

Corbion offers two freely available calculators:

Beverage Fortification Calculator, which calculates the impact of calcium fortification.

Mineral Calculator, which calculates the dosage needed to reach RDIs for minerals

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