Virginia Dare will use its booth at SupplySide West, Nov. 8-9 in Las Vegas, to highlight its flavors in plant-based protein and fortified coffee applications.

As plant-based protein and clean energy drinks dominate the new product market, the ingredients of these products often contribute bitterness and off notes that create challenges for formulators. As the experts in delivering consumer-preferred taste, Virginia Dare’s flavorists and food scientists provide individualized assistance and expertise for formulators looking to develop applications with challenging ingredients.

At Booth #3451, Virginia Dare will sample three products: a functional cold brew coffee shot and two flavors of vegan protein cookies.The coffee shot uses Virginia Dare’s cold brew concentrate and is fortified with natural, energy-providing ingredients. 

The gluten-free cookies merge indulgence and function, offering 12g of plant-based protein using natural masking flavors that provide a smooth and delicious textural profile. The cookies are also available at SupplySide West’s Tasting Bar during the Expo on Nov. 8 and 9.

“These samples are just a few examples of Virginia Dare’s ability not just to align with consumer and industry trends but also to anticipate them,” says Philip Caputo, Virginia Dare’s Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager. “We’ve been formulating with cold brew coffee, plant-based protein, and other exciting ingredients for years, and that means that we know how to do it right. We bring this foresight and expertise to every relationship, allowing our customers to meet both the taste and nutritional expectations of their customers.”

Virginia Dare also connects health and wellness brands with premium vanilla, coffee, tea, and cocoa extracts to provide foundational flavor in foods, beverages, supplements, and other applications. 

Virginia Dare

For almost 100 years, Virginia Dare has worked with our partners to build products delivering preferred taste. As a global provider, Virginia Dare offers services from its headquarters in Brooklyn as well as a full facility in Shanghai. Combining formulation expertise with substantial knowledge in sourcing and producing natural ingredients, Virginia Dare melds science, market insights, and sourcing to create business advantages for its partners. Virginia Dare’s combination of superior flavor platforms with focused industry expertise makes us the leading partner for attaining preferred taste with strategic business value.

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