Cereal milk. Rainbow sherbet. Gummy bears. They’re the flavors that defined many of our childhoods, and they’re the flavors that Virginia Dare is featuring at this year’s SupplySide West trade show.

Show attendees can visit Virginia Dare’s booth #2265 during the Oct. 25-28 show in Las Vegas to sign up for a sample box to be sent to them after the trade show. Virginia Dare requests anyone visiting its booth wears a mask. At the show, visitors will be able to request samples of some Forever Young-inspired flavors, which will be sent to them after the show. Those samples include:

• Microwavable Brownie (Chocolate Mint Scout Cookie Flavor)
• Whey Protein Drink (Funnel Cake Fried Dough Flavor)
• Vitamin Pixy Stick (Fruity Rainbow Candy Flavor)
• Energy Shot (Pucker Patch Berry Candy Flavor)

“It’s been a tough two years for all of us, but we know that delicious flavor provided to us in our favorite snacks and beverages is one way to spread some happiness,” said Philip Caputo, Virginia Dare Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager. “That’s what led to our ‘Forever Young’ collection. It’s the flavor portfolio to please the inner child, enliven eating experiences, and hearken back to the good, simple times.”

Included in the Forever Young theme are several nostalgic flavor collections, including Candy

Classics, Cereal Milk, Carnival Ride, Scout Cookies, Dessert Classics, Snack Cakes, Candy Bar Bliss, and Retro Throwbacks. Forever Young is an extension of the nostalgic trend of the past decade, childhood favorites, and child-adulthood hybrids are associated with good, simple times. Check out our two nostalgic flavor videos to learn about some of our flavor collections, and then get in touch to kickstart your next product innovation! Nostalgic flavors are the perfect complement to health and wellness-inspired applications, such as nutrition bars, protein shakes, functional cookie doughs, and more.

“Exercising inherently improves our mood, and the products we consume before, during, and after our workouts should do exactly the same,” Caputo said. “Now, imagine that the protein shake you enjoy on your way out of the gym tastes exactly like the leftover milk in the bowl of cereal enjoyed as a kid. That’s bound to make your exercise experience even better.”

For almost 100 years, Virginia Dare has been globally recognized as a leader in delivering preferred taste via its premium extracts, concentrates, and comprehensive flavor portfolio. The Forever Young theme – the latest addition to Virginia Dare’s portfolio – is expertly crafted around nostalgic taste memories and the positive feelings they elicit.

As the experts in delivering consumer-preferred taste, Virginia Dare’s flavorists and food scientists provide individualized assistance and expertise for formulators looking to develop applications with challenging ingredients. In addition to the Forever Young flavor theme, Virginia Dare’s Taste Foundations platform includes the industry’s highest quality vanilla, tea, coffee, and cocoa extracts.