Five Way Foods, LLC, producer of all-natural vegetable, meat and fish bone broths, has teamed up with Stonewall Kitchen to offer their delicious soup and risotto mixes for sale on their website, so customers can have a one-stop-shop to purchase everything they need to cook up a healthy meal in one place.

Five Way Foods fresh refrigerated bone broths are a healthy and wholesome combination with Stonewall Kitchen soup mixes, loaded with vitamins and nutrients with no dairy, gluten or soy. Each mix offers up to 8g of protein with less than 200mg of sodium per serving and dense amounts of collagen.

Prepared Foods Favorite Product Nominee

Customers are able to purchase their Five Way Foods bone broth of choice paired with Stonewall Kitchen products from Five Way Foods website including: New England Corn Chowder Mix, Farmer’s Market Vegetable Soup Mix and New England Chicken Stew Mix, along with Risotto flavors of Mushroom, Saffron and Butternut Squash. The soup and risotto mixes are offered at $10.99 per mix with free shipping for orders over $50.