Rich Recovery™, a health enhancement drink launching in March 2019, has already surpassed its initial crowdfunding goal of $12,000 with three weeks still left to go.
Momentum is already building for the clarity-infused mango-flavored energy beverage that boosts brain power, physical performance and the immune system, which hit its preliminary fundraising objective on opening day in less than 12 hours on Indiegogo’s campaign site.
Rich Recovery™ creator Richard Petruziello said that “we are nearing $15,000 in contributions to the site, and we are now stretching our Indiegogo goal to $35,000 in order to create the new fruit punch-flavored drink as well.”
Petruziello is sweetening the deal with potential investors by offering the Friends Cashback Referral, where, by simply sharing the project with friends, Rich Recovery™ will reward backers with 10% of every contribution made through their links.  “People should be rewarded for good health choices,” he said. 
Rich Recovery™ has only 20 calories per bottle and is a significant source of Vitamin C, D, B1, B2 and B12, plus thiamin, niacin and folate from a natural recipe blended to improve clarity, endurance and immunity without caffeine jitters. The drink’s quick delivery system also increases blood circulation to the brain and body.