Nestlé Health Science announced launched a new educational website designed for major surgery patients, The website helps healthcare professionals empower patients to optimize their recovery by learning about the benefits of the specially formulated nutrients in IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink.

"We developed the website to help healthcare professionals educate their patients on the critical role that surgical nutrition can play in their recovery," said Juan B. Ochoa Gautier, MD, FACS, and Chief Medical Officer for Nestlé Health Science North America. "I have a lifelong passion for the power of specialized nutrition to change lives, and I believe this website will make it easier for other surgeons to raise awareness about science-based and evidence driven surgical nutrition."

The easy-to-navigate site offers informative videos and educational resources about how IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink provides patients the specialized nutrients they need before and after major surgery to meet the unique nutritional needs that major surgery places on the body to promote recovery.

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink, contains a unique blend of 3 key nutrients: Arginine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Dietary Nucleotides, that are supported by the American Society of Enhanced Recovery (ASER) Implementation Guide. IMPACT® formulas have been shown to provide specialized nutrition to support the immune response and help reduce readmission, infection and total hospital cost when used as part of a preoperative protocol for a variety of major surgeries, including gastrointestinal cancer, head and neck cancer and cardiac surgery.

Patients preparing for major surgery should consult their doctor to determine if IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink is right for them. Clinical evidence shows the best outcomes when IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink is consumed five days before surgery and five days after surgery to optimize recovery. To provide your patients with more information on how IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink prepares the body for surgery, visit the new website at