Sauce pellets offer convenience to both retail customers and food processors.  For consumers, sauce pellets simplify preparation of their frozen microwaveable or skillet meals. Processors benefit from shortened manufacturing processing and reduced packaging by depositing meal components into single bags or trays.

Successful manufacture of sauce pellets relies upon careful formulation of stabilizers that consider the sauce’s cooking, cooling and distribution to customers. Additional considerations include the freezing processes and pellet dimensions. The sauce type and flavor of sauce pellets also are significant factors. For example, creamy Alfredo sauce requires a different stabilizer system than a Teriyaki sauce

Advanced Food Systems Inc. (AFS) offers complete sauce bases that can be used to manufacture sauce pellets or can develop stabilizer systems that can convert existing sauces into pellets.

AFS Sauce Pellet Systems provide the following benefits:

•  Maintain pellet form throughout complete process - from manufacturing to meal preparation.
•  Temperature tolerant—not overly sensitive to changes in temperature such as the time between purchase and return to home freezer.
•  Excellent flavor release.
•  Optimize texture tailored towards the sauce type and flavor profile
•  Sauces designed to melt uniformly as meal cooks so all meal components cook properly
•  Cling to other components during cooking—i.e. beef, poultry, seafood, vegetables, pasta or rice.

Recently Developed Sauce Pellet Flavor Profiles:

• Cheese - Alfredo, Creamy Parmesan, Cheddar (white and yellow), Zesty Queso, Monterrey Jack
• Sesame Teriyaki
• Creamy Vodka
• Italian marinara
Creamy Lemon Butter - with or without dill
• Scampi
•  Cajun Scampi
•  BBQ - multiple flavor profiles
• Chili Garlic
• Sweet & Sour
• Thai Curry
• Savory Demi glacé

Custom flavors can be developed upon request.

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