Sol, a beer founded in Mexico in 1899, is bringing an iconic Mexican flavor to fans and new drinkers with the introduction of its newest release, Sol Chelada. Sol Chelada is a ready-to-drink mix that combines Sol beer with tomato, lime, spices and other natural flavors. Crafted by the same brewmasters behind the number one chelada in Mexico, Sol Chelada finally brings the same flavor to the US that has previously been enjoyed south of the border.

Sol Chelada packs an authentic flavor because it's crafted with Sol, one of the largest and most popular Mexican beer brands. The combination of beer with the ingredients that constitute the chelada is traditionally known as a mezcla (blend). At 3.5% alcohol by volume, Sol Chelada arrives a year after the Mexican import Sol was relaunched in the US under MillerCoors.

Sol Chelada is available in 24-ounce single cans at most grocery, convenience stores and liquor stores nationwide.