A recent study from Euromonitor International indicates that Lay’s is the world’s leading packaged food brand. It represents the only packaged food brand in the top 10 megabrands and the fourth largest megabrand in the world. The US led with sales of over $6 billion in 2017, more than Lay’s 20 next most successful countries combined.
The sustained blurring of once traditional mealtimes has continued to impact the performance of packaged food brands. Those that can meet consumer demand for snacks and eating at various times throughout the day have seen the greatest success.
Tom Rees, industry manager at Euromonitor International, explains, “While packaged food brands are most likely to be megabrands, as 41 are, sales value of this category has declined the most since 2014. Packaged food brands — the most numerous in the megabrands list — are facing new challenges. The backlash against sugar is a factor, but so is the increasing demand for snacking and eating throughout the day, significantly affecting some megabrands.”
Download Euromonitor’s report to find out which other packaged food players ranked among the top 100 consumer goods brands.