The Food Group, a full-service food and beverage marketing agency, has identified the latest insights into operator behaviors to help manufacturers expand their reach and increase profitability in the year ahead. 

In the new tfgTOUCHPOINTS™ white paper, Foodservice Operator Behavior Report: Speed and Convenience in the Digital Age, The Food Group provides an in-depth look at the many challenges that operators currently face. The report delivers a big-picture view of operator attitudes and behaviors, including how they’re responding to customer demands, what types of information and resources they’re seeking, and how they’re navigating the purchase process.

The following insights provide a glimpse into the current issues keeping operators up at night:

• High tech leads to higher satisfaction. Whether through delivery, apps or social media engagement, operators are adapting to meet the demands of consumers who are seeking more convenient dining-out experiences that value their time. 
• Transparency is the new normal. More than half of operators said their Gen Y and Gen Z customers are interested in or request information about the food they order. They also are more likely to order plant-based and organic items and are especially interested in sustainably grown, clean label, and responsibly sourced products. 
• Labor costs continue to be a concern. A stable labor market, the struggle to fill new positions and retain workers, and rising minimum wage requirements are all driving operators to seek technologies (such as staffing software and apps) that make their businesses more agile and efficient. 
• Buying Online and On the Line. Like their consumer counterparts, foodservice operators continue to consider online purchasing a valuable and convenient option for their businesses. In fact, most operators (73%) make online purchases at least once a week, and nearly half (47%) expect to do so even more often in the near future. 

From speed and convenience to greater transparency, consumers have come to expect more when dining away from home. As a result, operators are on the hunt for new products, menu concepts, and recipes, as well as the latest technology to elevate the overall customer experience. Operators continue to attend trade shows and look to foodservice manufacturers for the resources they need to stay competitive. 

The Foodservice Operator Behavior Report offers an inside look at how operators are adapting to the rapidly evolving foodservice industry and what manufacturers need to know to be successful. In today’s modern foodservice landscape, manufacturers have the opportunity to be true partners, providing the expertise and professional resources that help operators run their businesses more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

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