As of December 27, 2019, organic certified flavors will be required in all organic food and beverage products, unless the flavor is not commercially available as organic. Food and beverage brands are now trying to determine if their products are impacted by the new regulation and determine if changes need to be made to maintain their organic certification. Flavorchem, an established leader in the manufacturing of flavor, ingredients and color solutions, has taken on a proactive campaign to ensure its customers understand the regulatory changes and are equipped with organic certified flavors.

The new regulation states that “non-synthetic flavors may be used when organic flavors are not commercially available. All flavors must be derived from organic or non-synthetic sources only and must not be produced using synthetic solvents and carrier systems or any artificial preservative”. Commercial availability is defined and governed by the organic certifying agent. Flavorchem encourages food and beverage brands to contact their organic certifier to find out what documentation they need to provide.

“We understand regulations can be confusing. We are here to guide our customers and help them explore their options, whether it’s time to reformulate to an organic certified flavor or determine if their flavor qualifies as not commercially available,” says Ken Malinowski, President.

Flavorchem has an extensive selection of organic certified flavors and extracts, including a wide variety of the #1 selling flavor across all product categories, vanilla. For more information on the new regulation or to see if your product meets the updated requirements, please email

Flavorchem creates flavor, ingredient and color solutions including a wide selection of organic certified flavors and extracts. Established in 1971, it is a privately held business whose customers include first-class brands well recognized throughout the world. A full-service operation with strategically located manufacturing facilities throughout the world, Flavorchem strives to provide its customers with innovative, high-quality products along with superior service and support.