Maguey Melate is a growing mezcal subscription service based in the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca where mezcal culture got its start. While the company is known for delivering artisanal Oaxacan agave spirits directly to customers, its primary focus is bringing attention to the hardworking creators of these beverages and the storied process of producing mezcal that makes it so culturally significant. 

As the company continues to grow, Maguey Melate has now announced its official launch as it prepares to ship December subscription boxes for the Mezcalero of the Month Club. This shipment will be sent out the first week of December in time for the holidays and the company's largest to date.

Sent out every two months, the Mezcalero Of The Month Club allows those that sign up to receive two 375ml bottles of limited edition agave spirits to their door with free shipping. Beyond the bottles itself, those that sign up will receive videos, photos, and information about the creators of the spirits being sent out to customers. Each shipment highlights a new mezcalero and the agaves they use, and every bottle includes a unique QR Code that directs to info about the specific agave spirit they are drinking. With each order, customers are sponsoring the planting of one maguey tobala agave through the charity S.A.C.R.E.D. to ensure a sustainable future for the creation of mezcal. 

Customers are also supporting the sustainability of these family-owned companies, directly giving them the financial support to compete against corporate mezcal companies while continuing the traditional craft of these families. Beyond the ability to receive farm to table, chemical-free, small-batch spirits from diverse agaves and distillation techniques through their subscription service, Maguey Melate offers customers the chance to order individual bottles of these agave spirits through its website. 

This includes agave styles like cuixe, tobala, and tepextate from Felix Angeles Arellanes, Marta and Isaac García, and more local distillers. Maguey Melate also offers the Melate’s Signature Box for dedicated mezcal lovers or beginners looking to dive into the culture. The beautifully designed pine box includes three artisanal 375ml bottles from 100% recycled glass, a handmade clay cup, three hand-carved artisanal mezcal cups, two 100% recycled sipping glasses, a limited edition piece of art from a local artisan, three wood corks, and much more. 

When customers order the Melate’s Signature Box, they also receive over three hours of entertainment. This includes a photo gallery from the palenques where each spirit was made, unique videos about the process of making artisanal agave spirits, and mezcaleros discussing their favorite agaves and flavors. Beyond the customer focus, Maguey Melate has established a business to business distribution system with a unique private label offer. 

Bars or restaurants can order their own exclusive batch that won’t be sold to anyone else in the US, provide a curated tasting flight to customers complete with info and videos about that specific agave spirit, and order cases of limited-edition agave spirits at discounted prices.