Otamot, the brand behind the vitamin-and-vegetable-packed Organic Essential Sauce and Organic Carrot Bolognese, had grown quickly and made waves in the plant-based food space. The company is now turning up the heat with its latest creation: Spicy Organic Sauce, which will be debuting at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide in June. Otamot’s significant and vast retail expansion comes only one year after the brand’s debut and will also include Organic Essential Sauce.

Otamot’s Spicy Organic Sauce, which is launching nationally in Whole Foods Market stores, is packed with the punch of three peppers–red jalapeno, crushed red pepper and chile powder–kicking it up a notch above all Arrabiata sauces on the market which traditionally receive their spice from just one pepper. The sauce is ideal for countless dishes, from pasta to pizza, dips to stews, hummus and even Bloody Mary’s.

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Like the Essential Sauce and Carrot Bolognese that came before it, Spicy Organic Sauce is filled with vitamins from organic vegetables that deliver peak nutrition. Otamot’s proprietary process cooks each vegetable at a precise temperature and time to retain natural nutrients from its nourishing ingredients. All Otamot sauces contain 9-12 vegetables, are gluten-free, Certified Vegan, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, has no sugar added and boasts a higher than standard fiber content compared to other sauces. Spicy Organic Sauce is particularly rich in Vitamins A, E, B, B3 and B6.