The Brenntag Food & Nutrition business unit in North America, part of the Brenntag Group, announced a new collaboration with Axiom Foods for the distribution of plant proteins in the United States and Canada. Axiom Foods is committed to providing clean label, dietary inclusive ingredients for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and specialty foods industries. The comprehensive ingredient line includes hemp, pea, pumpkin, rice and sacha inchi proteins, oat and rice dairy-replacement powders, and Axiom’s newly launched texturized pea proteins. These products include: 

• Aven-O-Lait®
• Cannatein® Plus 68%
• Cucurbotein® 59% and 65%
• Incatein™ 60%
• Oryzatein® Original 80%, Silk 80%, Ultra 80%, Silk 90%, and SG-BN 75%,
• Oryz-O-Lait™
• Veg-O-Tein™ HP 80%, MA 80%, N 80%, P 80%, and P 85%
• Veg-O-Tein™ TX 75%, 80%

"We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with Axiom Foods. Axiom's product line is an exciting addition to our product portfolio as it helps meet the growing demand for meat and dairy alternatives," said Larry Davis, vice president Brenntag Food & Nutrition North America. "We continue our service excellence commitment to customers by strategically expanding our product lines to satisfy current and future trends. Our customers will greatly benefit from the combination of Axiom’s plant-based proteins and our dedicated sales and technical teams. We look forward to assisting and supporting innovative product development.”

The ingredients can be used as plant proteins for sports nutrition, beverages and meat replacement or blended extender, as well as plant-based dairy alternatives. Some benefits include an increased juiciness, increased protein levels, decrease in costs, a smooth mouthfeel, and a clean, allergen friendly label.