When consumers purchase a bakery product, dairy treat or confectionery delight, they expect an outstanding sensory experience. Chaucer Foods, the world’s leading supplier of freeze-dried fruit, vegetables and baked ingredients, is now offering sweet baked products that will help food manufacturers improve the taste and texture of a variety of treats. 

Chaucer’s sweet baked ingredients are shaped, dried versions of authentic bakery recipes. They will give food producers more versatility in innovating new flavor combinations or adding an extra layer of indulgence to existing product lines. The sweet baked selections are made in small batches, with no additives or artificial preservatives, supporting a simpler label.

“Our new sweet baked products are the perfect way to add a sense of occasion to your bakery, confectionary, dairy and beverage products,” says Tom Malkoski, CEO of Chaucer Foods, Inc. “They can be easily added to any product recipe and, importantly, will not compromise applications because they have low water content.”

The sweet baked ingredients are ideal for:

•    Confectionery: As toppings, inclusions or decoration for chocolate, cereal bars, fudge, caramels and truffles

•    Bakery: Added after baking as a decoration or baked on top of brownies, muffins and cookies to add crunch, texture and flavor

•    Dairy: As a topping or added directly into ice cream, and in chocolate coated ice cream toppings

•    Desserts: Ideal as decorations or layers for crème brulee, tarts and cheesecakes, and baked on top of crumbles and pies

•    Beverages: Adds visual appeal and provides indulgent flavor

As the leader in the baked and freeze-dried sectors, Chaucer Foods is consistently one step ahead of consumer needs and market trends. The company uses its unrivalled global reach, manufacturing footprint and integrated planning process to deliver to food and beverage manufacturers the ingredients, products and solutions that create real value for consumers. 

“At Chaucer, we work collaboratively with our customers to help them innovate new products that align with evolving consumer tastes,” Malkoski adds. “We look forward to partnering on many ambitious new recipes with our sweet baked ingredients that will give consumers an even better taste experience.”

For additional information about Chaucer Foods, visit www.chaucerfoods.com

About Chaucer Foods

Chaucer Foods is the world’s leading supplier of freeze-dried fruit, vegetables and baked ingredients. Headquartered in the U.K., Chaucer works with global CPG food and beverage manufacturers to develop ingredient solutions for a wide range of applications including beverages, ready meals, infant, dairy, bakery, snacks, cereal and confectionery. It is also developing innovative applications in a range of new sectors such as sports nutrition, and produces its own highly-successful products which are sold in retail stores throughout the USA. Chaucer’s technical skills and creativity are backed by a worldwide manufacturing footprint and unrivalled power to source traceable, sustainable ingredients that meet rigorous high standards in quality and social and environmental responsibility.